Glowing Cat Ear Design: A cute, stylish, and unique LED flashing cat ear design, very attractive. A great gift for kids, girls, girlfriend, and Cosplay fans.
BT Connection: BT5.0 technology, fast and stable connection. Easy to pair with almost all the BT-enabled audio devices to enjoy wireless music and hands-free calls.

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Brand: Houmal

Product Specifications: Humei Lady 24K Gold Eye Film

Whether to import: No

Specifications: Normal Specifications

Special Purpose Cosmetics: No

Shelf life: three years

Net content: 80g (60 sticks/30 pairs)

Whether cross-border export of special sources: No


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[HOT ITEM] Best hair conditioner!


Contain South Korea import Amino Acid hair care essence.Ease the problem of hair quality and moisture hair.

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